greenLine™ Series

Environmentally friendly MIXPAC greenLine™ stands out for its perfect compatibility with optimal mixing tips and dispensers for every application.

The green line cartridge family is made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene content, helping you to reduce your impact and supports you to reach your sustainability goals.

MIXPAC greenLine 400mL 1:1 F-Systems Set

The MIXPAC greenLine family has added a new member: With the 400mL 1:1 cartridge we designed an up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene cartridge body for your quality performance with the F-System. Reduce your carbon footprint and meet the highest requirements of your customers: The recycled cartridge is a process-safe, precise solution adding sustainable value to your entire process chain.

  1. Compatible with wide range of F-System mixing tips: Quadro™ mixing tips MFQ or helical mixing tips MFH.
  2. PCR PP Bayonet Ring The secure mixing tip attachment prevents cross-contamination and ensures 100% safety
  3. Closure cap with patented locking system PCR High Density Polyethylen (PCR HDPE) nose plug with patented locking system
  4. PCR PP Cartridge Made out of PCR PP the side-by-side 400mL cartridge set consists of a solid and robust cartridge body.
  5. MIXPAC PCR PP self-venting pistons Allow a fast and efficient removal of entrapped air, for simplified one-step piston insertion.
  6. MIXPAC DM2X Dispenser All 2-component dispensers for 2-component 400mL 1:1 cartridges.

MIXPAC™ greenLine™ B-System Set 50mL

We think about mixing and dispensing solutions that fully meet the highest requirements of both your customers and your environmentally conscious company. As a result, we developed the MIXPAC greenLine 50mL B-System Set: The 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene cartridge is a process-safe, precise system designed to support you in meeting your sustainable business goals.

  1. CompatibleWith a wide range of B-System mixers: Quadro mixers MBQ or Helical mixers MBH, and K-System mixers: Helical mixers MKH
  2. Closure Cap Easier handling due to the proprietary locking system
  3. Interface Connection The cartridge has separate outlets using the proprietary interface connection that prevents the premature mixing of the two components
  4. Cartridge Made out of 100% recycled PCR PP, the side-by-side 50 mL cartridge consists of a solid and robust designed cartridge body
  5. MIXPAC™ DMA/DMB The Manual 2-component dispenser is equipped with a dual drive and ergonomic handle for one-handed operation, swift and easy to use, for easy cartridge positioning and exchange.