Tim Barker

My name is Tim Barker, Founder of MixTips USA, a US based distribution center for disposable static mixers and dispensing tools.

My company’s goals and objectives are not to simply supply you with the mixtip’s and dispensers, but also the support in choosing the correct tool and static mixer that will best suit your application. Here at MixTips USA, we understand that cost is a major concern when dealing with disposable items, but we also understand that proper mixing and dispensing is key. We address each individual application to offer the best dispensing solution. I have been an account manager and technical solutions provider to the adhesive and sealants industry for 20 years with Sulzer Mixpac USA, formerly Conprotec, a recognized leader in 2K packaging and dispensing. I have worked with major OEMs, Formulators, Packagers and Distributors throughout the entire Industrial sector. My expertise is in packaging and dispensing of 2 component adhesives. I pride myself in my ability to help customers choose the correct packaging system for their application. Customers actively seek out my guidance to solve unique challenges.